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♦ Archives

In 2016 I was recorded as part of The National Archives' 'Archives Inspire' campaign, looking at how archives can excite and engage in different, creative ways. I was very honoured to showcase my work using 3D visualisation. Read more in my blog post and on The National Archives website.

♦ Digital Heritage

"Bringing Built Heritage to (Digital) Life" (May 2017) on Sketchfab

"Transforming Paper to Pixels with Archives in 3D" (June 2016) in ARC Magazine, Archives and Records Association, No.322.

"Archives and Minecraft" (March 2015) in ARC Magazine, Archives and Records Association, No.307.

"Introducing HullCraft" (March 2015) on The Space

"HullCraft: Using Minecraft and Archives for Learning about the Past" (December 2014) on Play the Past

MSc Dissertation: Rice, H.E (2014) "Exploring the Pedagogical Possibilities of applying Gaming Theory and Technologies to Historic Architectural Visualisation"

♦ History of Art

BA Dissertation: Rice, H.E (2012) "The Landscapes of Caspar David Friedrich & The Representation of Gothic Ecclesiastical Architecture"

♦ Work Experiences

"From Letters to Lego, Manuscripts to Minecraft" (May 2015) blog post about my HLF-funded 'Transforming Archives' Traineeship on The National Archives website.

♦ Gaming Articles and Reviews

Visualisation of Ecclesiastic Architecture- Appropriate in Gaming?

Tristram Cathedral (Diablo Series)- the Virtual Antithesis of Sacred Space

First Impressions Review of Elder Scrolls Online on World of Board Craft